To build community by sustaining and enhancing local connections that promote
the environmental, economic, and social vitality of the Applegate Valley.


A Greater Applegate (AGA) is a local community building organization exclusively serving the Applegate Valley. AGA connects with the community through various programs that aim to develop long-term, community vision and provide platforms for the community’s needs and ideas to be brought into focus. This effort is called the “20/20 Community Vision”. A Greater Applegate’s Board of Directors, staff, committee members, and volunteers are working together to make a stronger, more connected, and greater Applegate. AGA’s current community building programs include:

Nonprofit Network: The Nonprofit Network connects local and regional nonprofit organizations serving the Applegate Valley. The network provides opportunities for professional development, resource sharing and networking between participating organizations.

Business Network: The Business Network is a collective of Applegate Valley business owners who have a shared goal of creating a stronger, more prosperous Applegate Valley business community. The Business Network and its committees are undertaking projects that promote long-term economic sustainability in the Applegate Valley.

Neighborhood Connections Listening Sessions: From 2019-2020 AGA will be hosting a series of community meetings in various sub-regions or “neighborhoods” of the Applegate Valley. During the meetings residents are asked about challenges, opportunities, assets and gaps in their neighborhood and the greater Applegate Valley. Responses from these meetings will form the basis for AGA’s work in coming years.

What’s Up With AGA

All Community Connections events are postponed until further notice in consideration of the COVID-19 emergency.  A Greater Applegate is directing its attention to the immediate needs of the Applegate Valley.

If you are in need of help or have help to offer, please click here to reach the Applegate Valley Mutual Aid Network.

To get the most current information about COVID-19, impacts and responses in the Applegate Valley, click here to reach our community website Applegate Valley Connect.

Please be safe and take care of one another.

I have lived in the Applegate Valley for over 20 years, and have been involved in several ongoing community conversations around the need for some sort of organization that could be an advocate for this special place. It became clear that intelligent, long-term planning to address our shared ecological, social and economic concerns would require commitment, stability, and a capacity to connect with a wide range of local and regional stakeholders. When the Greater Applegate Community Development Corporation sponsored a series of meetings several years ago about these issues, a group of residents from Williams, where I live, decided to see if we could bring some new ideas to the discussion. We suggested that GACDC might consider expanding the scope of its activities beyond managing Cantrall-Buckley Park to a broader mission of diversified community building. This project would necessarily include a need for increased funding to support paid staff positions, which would help to create continuity of project management and the ability to create a long-term vision for a truly sustainable Applegate Valley. It has been very satisfying to see GACDC take on this mission, and I look forward to seeing what our community can achieve.

Dave Levine

It’s very rewarding to unite good people in a community. The effort to keep people focused on the end goal and the ensuing benefits of working together is a big job. I wish you all the best and I’m proud to be a member of this fine organization.

Mark L. Taylor

A Greater Applegate is fast becoming essential glue for this community.

Audrey Eldridge