The Applegate Valley Vision is a community-driven initiative that enlists a values- and asset-based approach to enhance this beautiful valley for years to come.

The Applegate Valley has many assets with which to create new opportunities, overcome challenges, and fill in gaps (see Appendix B). These assets include relationships and networks; people with skills, knowledge, innovation, and creativity; the collective power and resourcefulness of our local organizations and businesses; our pride in place and community spirit; and the natural resources and beautiful environment that surround us. One thing is clear: The people of the Applegate Valley love where they live.

At the same time, this rural community has a unique set of challenges. Our population is growing and demographics are shifting (see Appendix C). The agricultural landscape is being stressed by drought, rising land prices, and an ever-changing cannabis industry. Housing costs are increasing and available rentals are decreasing. The population is aging and would benefit from an influx of younger workers, who often cannot afford to live here. We now have a smoke season and remain on edge about wildfires for months of the year. Rather than let these challenges overwhelm this special place that we call home, the Applegate Valley Vision provides a guide for working together to make our vision for the future happen.

This living document is made up of five major focus areas, 25 goals, 90 strategies, and more than 500 ideas for action that have been developed by residents of the Applegate. It represents a catalog of possibilities. Individuals, businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and neighborhood groups all share responsibility in bringing the Applegate Valley Vision to fruition by implementing the variety of programs and projects in this document.

We invite you to join us in achieving the Applegate Valley Vision in the months and years to come. Download the entire action plan online; tune into Applegate Valley Connect for news, stories, events, and volunteer opportunities; host a neighborhood gathering; or share a skill with one of our networks. Let’s join together for the long-term interest of the land, people, and other beings that live here with us, and find ways to adapt so that the place we love can thrive.