Job Opportunities


We currently have two open job opportunities:

Business Network Coordinator: The Business Network Coordinator is responsible for facilitating a local Business Network that represents the vision of its membership and building the capacity to turn vision into action. The Business Network provides opportunities for segments of the Applegate Valley population to support each other and the broader community through peer learning, collective engagement, and the design and implementation of projects. For more information, click here to read the job description.

Applegate Valley Food and Farm Network Coordinator: The Applegate Valley Food and Farm Network Coordinator will be an integral part of A Greater Applegate (AGA) and the Rogue Valley Food System Network (RVFSN) partnership. This collaboration aims to enhance the local food and farming system in the Applegate Valley by fostering connections, promoting equitable food access, supporting small businesses, and strengthening community resilience. For more information, click here for the job description.