Donating to become a member of AGA is the best way you can help support the community-building work we do in Applegate Valley. We make sure that all donations stay local in Applegate Valley to help our community thrive.

When we say we are a rural community building organization, many people ask, “What is community building?” To us, it means developing relationships and connections, helping individuals and groups gain the skills and resources they need to thrive, knowing where the community wants to go and taking action to get there, and working to increase a sense of unity, pride, and resilience here in the Applegate.

To do this, A Greater Applegate supports hundreds of Applegate Valley residents, businesses, and partner organizations via our three networks and nine issue-oriented working groups. These groups are coming together to implement projects and strategies from the Applegate Valley Vision and demonstrate what can happen when people collaborate, share resources, and exchange information—like developing a directory for educational opportunities on Applegate Connect, bringing the Poet Laureate to Plaisance Ranch, and coordinating a pop-up art gallery (among many other things!) at the Jacksaphine Count(r)y Fair in September.

We also bring neighborhoods together for gatherings that allow people to get to know each other or reconnect with one another. These gatherings have led to neighbors organizing emergency phone trees, a local listserv, bulletin boards, and more…

Of course, we cannot do any of this without you. Without volunteers, donations, and engaged community members who participate in working groups, placemaking projects, and sharing what they have learned with their community, A Greater Applegate wouldn’t be here.

DONATE to become become a member of AGA so we can do more together in 2024.

If you would like to help, please donate online or send your check to:

A Greater Applegate
PO Box 335
Jacksonville, OR 97530

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If your business would like to become part of the Business Network, learn about the membership options and join us here:

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A few of our ongoing projects in 2024 include:

  • Providing an updated business map and directory for over 100 local businesses
  • Supplying the food pantries in Ruch and Williams with $10,000 worth of local produce and ground beef from farmers and ranchers in the Applegate
  • Working with partners to develop the Community Food Hub booth to serve the Applegate Evening Market, our country stores, wineries, and restaurants
  • Launching the Wander Applegate website to help visitors navigate our Valley
  • Hiring an Internet Access Project Manager to lead our internet outreach and sign residents up for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
  • Sponsoring eight neighborhood leaders to host gatherings in the Little Applegate, Upper Applegate, Ruch, Gyda Lane, Thompson Creek, Williams, and Jerome Prairie

We love having the opportunity to work with you all to build deeper relationships and trust between community members. This allows us to collectively design appropriate solutions and gives us all the ability to steward and sustain the projects that connect people to this place we call home.

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We also want to thank the following recent funders for their support:

  • Ford Family Foundation, for being such a great partner to rural communities throughout Oregon and Siskiyou County.
  • Ashland Food Co-op, for supporting our Farm to Food Pantry program.
  • Leightman Maxey Foundation, for providing funding for our Business Network.
  • Jackson County Cultural Coalition, for supporting the arts in Applegate Valley.
  • Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, for funding our Farm to Food Pantry program to bring fresh produce and local beef to the Ruch and Williams food pantries.
  • Oregon Community Foundation, for supporting our Business Network.
  • Representative Pam Marsh (ARPA), for being a staunch supporter of the Applegate and bringing internet accessibility funding to our area.
  • Reser Family Foundation, for supporting economic development strategies through Destination Applegate.
  • Travel Oregon and Travel Southern Oregon, for funding our Destination Management Plan and linking us to regional partners.
  • SOREDI, for supporting our local business community.