What is the Business Network?

The Applegate Valley Business Network is a collective of local business owners dedicated to leading the economic development of the Applegate Valley and promoting prosperity for the greater Applegate community. Together, members of the Business Network are building a strong, self-sufficient, and sustainable Applegate Valley economy.

WHO Should Join the Business Network?

Applegate Valley business owners of both existing and emerging businesses from all industries, trades, and crafts are welcome to join the Business Network. If you live in the Applegate and own a small business, you belong here! Please email Kate, the Business Network Coordinator, at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

WHY Should You Join the Business Network?

  • Stewardship & Impact: By participating in quarterly meetings and events, Business Network Members are able to steer the vision as well as the working agenda for the group.
  • Opportunity & Growth: Members can take advantage of exclusive networking events, resources for professional development, and the power of collective problem-solving.
  • Benefits: Members receive special benefits as a thank you for joining the network. Depending on your business’s donation level, these benefits may include:
    • A listing on ApplegateValleyConnect.org—the website for Applegate locals
    • A listing on WanderApplegate.com—the website for Applegate tourists & travelers
    • Inclusion on the Applegate Valley Business Map
  • FUN! Running a small business is hard work, and the Business Network is a wonderful way to connect and socialize with other small-business owners. Business Network gatherings are geared to be as enjoyable as they are useful and are held in beautiful spaces around the valley.

Completed Projects by A Greater Applegate to Support Small Businesses

Low-interest small-business loans are available to Jackson and Josephine County small business entrepreneurs through the Illinois Valley Community Development Corporation’s Revolving Loan Fund.

Become a Business Network Member

We encourage you to join today! Memberships to the Business Network are available for as little as $50 annually, and 100% of these tax-deductible donations directly support Applegate Valley Business Network activities.

Please email Kate Vangeloff at [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Join Now!

Thank you to our 2024 Community and Valley All-Star Business Network Members