Inadequate or nonexistent Internet access has been identified as a priority in AGA listening sessions throughout the Applegate. A significant number of households have no access to the Internet and still more have inadequate service from local providers. The pandemic highlighted the challenge to living in an Internet desert when healthcare, jobs, and other basic resources are lacking. 

Through a series of community listening sessions with residents, businesses, and community-based organizations, better access to the Internet emerged as one of the greatest needs in the Applegate Valley. Rep. Pam Marsh directed ARPA funds to AGA to cover a consultant, outreach, and potential subsidies to increase access in our valley.

In 2022, AGA conducted research and outreach to better understand the intricacies of telecommunications in a topographically diverse rural area. We have been building relationships with providers, public agencies, and our elected officials to ensure that the Applegate Valley is recognized as an area in need of better services.  We are now hiring a consultant with the expertise to work with both the industry and our community to ensure federal and state funding leads to better telecommunications service for the Applegate Valley.

If you would like to participate in a working group to address this issue, please email [email protected].