Since the pandemic, many people’s work, school, and healthcare has moved to online platforms. Much of Applegate Valley is an “internet desert,” with many households lacking sufficient bandwidth to participate in online activity and a large number who have no access to the Internet.

AGA hired Grace Hochhalter, our Internet Access Project Manager, in September of 2023 using ARPA funds granted to us by Rep. Pam Marsh. In this project, we examine the internet needs of the Applegate community, stay informed with broadband initiatives for the watershed, and plan to implement an internet accessibility project in the community. Grace is also a founding member of the Rogue Valley Broadband Action Team (BAT), which brings together industry leaders, government, and other organizations monthly to work toward improving internet access.

We have been building relationships with providers, public agencies, and our elected officials to ensure that the Applegate Valley is recognized as an area in need of better internet access. Through research and understanding community-level internet access and adoption, we will use this data to inform decision-making and program development, as well as work toward growing federal and state funding for better telecommunications service for the Applegate Valley.

For more information about AGA’s efforts and work towards developing broadband access, please contact Grace via email at [email protected]

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