Applegate Valley Connect (AVC) is a free communication and resource sharing website created specifically for residents of the Applegate Valley. The intent of this website is to become the primary source for information about current events, where to find local goods and services, and how to connect with projects and volunteer opportunities throughout the Applegate Valley. Like an online community bulletin board!

Our goal is to strengthen the network among Applegate Valley neighbors, visitors, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government officials to establish a more informed and connected regional community. AVC does this by providing users the opportunity to learn more about their neighbors and neighboring communities, foster greater community involvement, encourage local economic activity, and promote greater self-reliance.

Applegate Valley Connect is aligned with a statewide effort—conceived by Community Systems LLC and funded by The Ford Family Foundation—to promote community and communication in rural areas.

Interested in joining the AVC team? Operational support is on a volunteer basis and considered low-commitment. Interested in learning a new online platform? Are you a community organizer? Do you enjoy editing? Are you a photographer who is inspired by the natural beauty of the Valley? You could have a role with AVC! Email for more information.

Applegate Valley Connect Working Group

Rhianna Simes (co-chair)
Ryan Pernell (co-chair)
Seth Kaplan
Jeanette LeTourneux
Brooke Nuckles Gentekos
Paul Tipton
Steven Willams