In 2016-17, A Greater Applegate, then known as the Greater Applegate Community Development Corporation, collaborated with Rural Development Initiatives for the Applegate Valley Economic Vitality Roadmap. The Roadmap clarified the need for more in-depth listening, learning, and community visioning to be facilitated by a backbone organization. AGA has successfully grown its internal capacity to take on this role.

AGA is working with different segments of the community through various programs to obtain a comprehensive vision for the Applegate Valley. These programs include a Nonprofit Network, Business Network and Neighborhood Connections Listening Sessions. We call this process 20/20 Community Visioning. Information gained from this process will form the basis of AGA’s work in the coming years. Click on the graphic to see the 20/20 Community Visioning process, who AGA intends to engage and how AGA plans to build community capacity to complete projects in the Applegate Valley.

Sadly, this work has been put on hold during the pandemic, but we have been busy planning for next year and look forward to renewing this effort in Spring of 2021.